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About the products

The shirtbags, shirtcushions and other accessories are very unique and bespoke. We came up with the idea three years ago and have improved the design and quality of our products ever since. Not to mention we come up with new designs all the time. These products are so unique you will find nothing else like them. The fact they’re made from all different shirts is what makes these products so unique and different. When it comes to making your bespoke product every effort and care is put into making it a perfect item for you. All of the bags, purses and wallets that we make are lined with lining fabric to match the team colour of the sports club or the best suited colour if the shirt isn’t a sports shirt. The shirts are fused with interfacing to make a strong and reliable bag. All of the bags have zip fastenings and adjustable straps along with inside pockets. The bags can be changed and adapted to your needs.


About the shirts

All the shirts we use to make these products are very kindly donated to us by customers, sports fans and the club owners themselves. We can assure you that all the shirts we get are washed and thoroughly checked to make sure they are nothing other than top quality. We can make these products from any type of shirt or sports shirts. Whatever the shirt, we can make something out of it. If you are getting a product made from your own shirt it is up to you to make sure the shirt is good quality. We do not wash customer’s shirts.